How do I get rid of gophers in my landscaping?

Gopher Holes in Santa Barbara Lawn

Exterminating gophers and moles from your property requires experience and knowledge.  Our technicians are licensed to apply the most effective materials in the industry for gopher and mole removal. Our gopher and mole control services help prevent plant loss, ground erosion and unsightly mounds. How do we get rid of  Gophers? We specialize in gopher and rodent […]

Why we specialize in rats, mice, gophers, and other live animal pest control

So Cal Pest Control in Santa Barbara exterminates rats,mice,gophers, and moles.  We also specialize in live animal trapping of pests like skunks, opossum and raccoons. We provide pest control  for the communities of Carpinteria, Montecito, Santa Barbara and Goleta. Specialization gives us more precise experience Our experience every day, is dedicated to rodent control and live animal […]

Why gophers and moles need a professional gopher exterminator

Gopher looking out of Gopher Hole in Santa Barbara, CA

Gophers and Moles need a professional Gopher exterminator. Gophers and moles in Santa Barbara are known for causing damage to landscape, lawns and gardens. Additionally gophers and moles can cause damage to sidewalks, pavers and driveways  because how their tunnels weaken the surfaces.  Gophers and moles create dirt mounds, holes and they kill plants.  Gophers and moles can also damage […]

Why are there so many rats in Santa Barbara?

Most of the properties in the Santa Barbara area have heavy foliage.  There are many natural water and habitat sources, such as creeks.  Many of the homes are older structures which have openings that provide additional shelter and protection from natural predators.   Rats are ready to reproduce at  2-3 months, females have approx. 5 litters […]

What are gopher tunnel networks like?

Gopher tunnel networks can be up to 9 feet in depth.  If their tunnels are neglected for long periods the under ground will look like Swiss cheese.  Often surrounding yards have gophers which affect adjacent properties and usually the tunnels between the two areas connect.   Since the tunnels are so deep they cannot be destroyed, […]