Conserve Water! Tips to help save water around the house.

Our great State of California is going through an historic drought that has been steadily growing worse for the past four years! Well now, Governor Jerry Brown has issued mandatory statewide orders requiring a steep 25% reduction in water consumption across the board for commercial and residential users. It is with this directive in mind […]

Gopher Season Is Upon Us!

You read it right, ladies and gentlemen. It’s GOPHER SEASON. Our pest control team has been encountering a large number of newborn gophers in the field indicating to us that the time has come. Make sure that your home or property are ready for gopher season with these helpful pest control tips. Always keep in […]

Spring Cleaning Tips That Help Prevent Pests

It’s that time of year again! Trees are starting to grow their leaves back, the beautiful Santa Barbara hillsides are regaining their green luster and the local wildlife have begun to bear their offspring. That means it must be spring time! If you are anything like us, this feels like the perfect time of year […]

How are rats getting into my home?

Rats are inherently curious creatures and will try to get into any space they can fit in to. Bundle that with the dropping temperatures and that makes any home or office a prime target for cold rats to nest. There are a number of ways rats commonly enter the home and there are several steps that you […]

Where did all the bees go?

In a worrying trend recognized around the world but especially at home here in Santa Barbara, CA, bee colony numbers have been on the downward trend since the 1940’s for multiple reasons. With more than 20,000 different species of bee worldwide, bees are vital to the pollination of crops and more than 1/3 of the world’s […]