Why gophers and moles need a professional gopher exterminator

gopher-face-smallGophers and Moles need a professional Gopher exterminator.

Gophers and moles in Santa Barbara are known for causing damage to landscape, lawns and gardens. Additionally gophers and moles can cause damage to sidewalks, pavers and driveways  because how their tunnels weaken the surfaces.  Gophers and moles create dirt mounds, holes and they kill plants.  Gophers and moles can also damage irrigation, utility lines and drip systems.

In order to prevent continual damage to your property, gophers and moles need to be controled quickly and effectively.  Gophers and moles often create tunnels to adjacent properties, so it is likely that your neighbor has been visited by the gophers and moles doing damage on your property.  Even when your property has removed the gophers and moles, your neighboring property still has them, new gophers and moles will eventually move into your property.

How do we get rid of Gophers in Santa Barbara?

So-Cal Pest Control also known as” The Gopher Guys” specialize  in gopher and mole control using the most effective, yet safe, methods on the market. Yes, we are the top gopher and mole exterminators in Santa Barbara County. Each employee at So-Cal Pest Control is licensed by the state of California to use restricted materials, as well as registered with the county to engage in pest control for hire.

For gopher eradication, we use a chemical called Fumitoxin.  It is a restricted material that is in a pellet form but when mixed with moisture dissolves and turns into an aluminum phosphine gas.  This gas will travel throughout the tunnel system, killing the gopher in the tunnel system. The chemical usually takes a few hours to activate and within about 48 hours the whole process is done.  The gas will only work in a sealed tunnel system so there is no danger of harming humans or other animals.  There is no after kill, which protects other animals that might eat the gopher if by chance it should come out of the tunnel system. Some customers ask about fumitoxin being organic or natural. Any product including soap and water is considered to be a pesticide when it is used to kill or control a pest. Again,there is no residual of fumitoxin in the soil after 48 hours so this makes  it as close to natural and organic as possible. Our treatment with fumitoxin is basically an underground fumigation with no residues.

Our initial gopher control service  consists of coming out to the site and treating all gopher activity until gopher control has been achieved. In addition to our initial service, we may recommend a monthly service. This helps to ensure that we treat and get rid of  any new gopher activity before it has a chance to destroy the landscape. In these service visits, we are scheduled to come out and walk the entire property and treat any activity. This is all included in the price of the monthly service.