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So-Cal Pest Control The Pest Control Experts of Santa Barbara County

“The Controller” – So-Cal Pest Control Truck
“The Controller” – So-Cal Pest Control Truck

So-Cal Pest Control in Santa Barbara exterminates rats,mice,gophers, and moles.  We provide pest control  for the communities of Carpinteria, Montecito, Santa Barbara and Goleta.

Our experience every day, is dedicated to rodent control in the pest control world. Rats, mice, gophers and moles as well as live animals like Raccoons, Skunks and Opossum, are pest that require professional experience in order to get rid of and So-Cal Pest Control has that experience. We have been solving rodent infestation problems since 1999.

So-Cal Pest Control of Santa Barbara provides rat and mouse pest control which includes, rat and mouse trapping, rodent proofing, rat and mice bait station services and rodent feces clean-up. We are your full service rat and mouse killer company.

So-Cal Pest Control of Santa Barbara’s gopher and mole pest control services include getting rid of initial gopher and mole problems,gopher and mole mound removal,and ongoing preventative plans when needed. Our services are superior to gardeners and other pest control companies due to our experience and licensing which allows us to use the most effective products in the industry.

We don’t spread our experience out among a wide array of different pests like insects.  We only work to solve these rodent problems. If you want to get rid of your rats,mice,gophers, and moles, then call So-Cal Pest Control.