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Pest Control: Animal Control

Santa Barbara Animal Control Santa Barbara Ca is known to have a very large population of wildlife. The temperate climate, abundance of natural food sources and lush dense foliage in Santa Barbara County provides the ideal conditions for wildlife to thrive. Unfortunately when rodents, skunks, raccoons and opossums have few natural predators; the population inevitably […]

Attic Insulation Removal and Rodent Dropping Clean- Up

We Can Help You Get Your Property Cleaned Up!

Live Animal Trapping: Opossums

Possum Problems? No Problem!

Live Animal Trapping: Raccoons

Raccoon Removals Are Right Up Our Alley!

Live Animal Trapping: Squirrels

Don't let your Squirrel problem drive you nuts!

Live Animal Trapping: Skunks

We Can Get Rid Of These Smelly Pests

Pest Control: Rats & Mice

Rodent Removals Are Our Forte!

Pest Control: Gophers, Moles & Voles

We Can Help You Get Rid Of These Lawn Destroyers!

Pest Control: Ants & Insects

Ants & Insects Are No Match For So-Cal Pest Control!
Construction repair after rodent damage in home and structures in Santa Barbara

Pest Damage Repair and Construction

Pest Damage Repair and Construction