Pest Control Services

Attic Insulation Removal and Rodent Dropping Clean- Up

We Can Help You Get Your Property Cleaned Up!

Live Animal Trapping: Opossums

Possum Problems? No Problem!

Live Animal Trapping: Raccoons

Raccoon Removals Are Right Up Our Alley!

Live Animal Trapping: Squirrels

Don't let your Squirrel problem drive you nuts!

Live Animal Trapping: Skunks

We Can Get Rid Of These Smelly Pests

Pest Control: Rats & Mice

Rodent Removals Are Our Forte!

Pest Control: Gophers, Moles & Voles

We Can Help You Get Rid Of These Lawn Destroyers!

Pest Control: Ants & Insects

Ants & Insects Are No Match For So-Cal Pest Control!
Construction repair after rodent damage in home and structures in Santa Barbara

Pest Damage Repair and Construction

Pest Damage Repair and Construction