Spring Cleaning Tips That Help Prevent Pests

valleyIt’s that time of year again! Trees are starting to grow their leaves back, the beautiful Santa Barbara hillsides are regaining their green luster and the local wildlife have begun to bear their offspring. That means it must be spring time!

If you are anything like us, this feels like the perfect time of year to get a fresh start with a clean home and by doing so, we get a head start on helping to prevent pests over the course of the year. We compiled a few helpful spring cleaning tips to help you and your family get a big jump on preventing your local pests.

  1. Deep Clean Your Kitchen – Everybody loves a clean kitchen. Clean every inch of your domain with strong detergents like bleach or the like.  Under the sink, around the baseboards, in the cupboards and pantries. If there is no food left out or on the ground to be had, many pests will simply move on to a location more bountiful.
  2. Trim Trees, Bushes & Shrubs – Make your yard less inviting to rodents and other little critters. This also means cutting trees back that may be hanging over the residence.
  3. Stack Firewood Properly – Start your firewood stack with some 4″x4″ pieces of lumber to help keep it neat. Also make sure to keep the stack from making contact with your home.
  4. Prevent Standing Water – Use an air blower or a shop vac to clean up pools of standing water from rainfall to help prevent flies and mosquitos.
  5. Clean Yard Debris – Clear your property of any loose debris including leaves, twigs, and other matter. Animals like birds, rats and gophers use these for nesting.
  6. Check Your Screens – Screens seem like a simple notion, but the benefits are plain to see. Check all the screens in your home to verify they are completely intact.

Hope your enjoyed some of these tips and don’t forget to call us or request service from us today if you have a pest control situation that you need help with! (805) 965-9185

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