How are rats getting into my home?

Rats are inherently curious creatures and will try to get into any space they can fit in to. Bundle that with the dropping temperatures and that makes any home or office a prime target for cold rats to nest. There are a number of ways rats commonly enter the home and there are several steps that you can take to stop them.

Ground level

Ground level is the easiest and most common ways rats find entry into your abode. Gaps between the base of your home and the ground, holes in your stucco. If your homestead is used by many and frequently trafficked, you may want to consider automatically closing doors. Simple things like closing doors regularly, and closing small penetrations are great steps to take.

Roof access

While we think they should be, many roofs were not built with rooftop intruders in mind. Designed to enhance water runoff and protect from weather, the many overlapping pieces of the modern roofing system may leave gaps that become perfect penetration points when not closed properly. If you have found gaps you think are penetrable, we recommend hiring a reputable roofing professional to ensure the best results. Above sealing your roof access, you will also want to look at anything touching your roof such as tall shrubs and bushes. Trees should be trimmed away from the house as well as these are excellent ladders to the rooftop.

Its all about opportunity and access

Sometimes, you have to think like a rat. If there is a way for one to crawl to an opening, you either need to close the opening or remove the pathway. If you have a rat problem you need some professional help with, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us with the form below! Should you need immediate service, click below.

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