Gopher Season Is Upon Us!

This is a gopher
This is a gopher

You read it right, ladies and gentlemen. It’s GOPHER SEASON. Our pest control team has been encountering a large number of newborn gophers in the field indicating to us that the time has come. Make sure that your home or property are ready for gopher season with these helpful pest control tips. Always keep in mind: if the problem seems like too much to handle

  1. Bury Gopher Wire – One of the best ways to prevent gophers (and moles) is to bury gopher wire along the perimeter of your yard. This thick wire fencing similar to chicken wire will stop most gophers in their tracks and send them looking elsewhere for munchables as it extends into the ground up to 3′ depending on the situation.
  2. Spread Castor Oil Granules – The scent of castor oil granules is a natural repellent for gophers and moles (as well as armadillos), so spreading these granules throughout your yard and property are an excellent all-natural way to repel these pests. Based on most information found, castor oil granules spread at about 1lb per 1000sqft. Use a handheld seed spreader for small areas and a regular broadcast seed spreader for larger areas. The key to this remedy is even application.
  3. Fumigate the tunnels – Using carbon dioxide or other non flammable gases like the exhaust from a lawn mower or other engine has proven effective for some. Attach a hose to nozzle of the carbon dioxide tank and let the gas flow into the tunnels for approximately 10 minutes or until the tank runs out whichever happens first. Do not use any flammable gases or oxidizers such as propane, oxygen, or acetylene.
  4. Flood the tunnels – At the very least this tends to run them out of their burrows and tunnels, but doesn’t necessarily mean they have left for good. Chances are you could just be softening the tunnels for them to continue along their way.

If you have tried more than 1 of these steps and are still experiencing moderate to severe gopher problems, it may be time to hire our professional pest control services before they destroy everything. Our team of well trained pest control technicians will get your gopher problem under control and keep them gone.

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