What is Rodent proofing & rodent control for rats & mice in Santa Barbara

Rat around the house, rat exterminators, Santa Barbara

So Cal Pest Control operates a professional pest control  rat removal business in Santa Barbara Ca, where there’s a lot of rats. We have seen hundreds of cases, and we are experts on getting rid of rats. The first and most important principle to know about rodent control is that in order to completely and permanently solve the rat problem, you must stop any rats from getting inside the house in the first place. They’re getting in somehow – they can use a lot of different entry points and this is what So Cal Pest Control is better than it’s competitors on, locating entry points.

With our experience in rat control and knowledge of building architecture and how rats use it, we can solve your rat and mouse problem. We perform a very detailed inspection of the house or building, and find these entry points that rats are using to get in. Once we’ve found everything, we seal it all up. Our quality of repair work is far superior to our competitors.  This is by far the most important step. Once this is done, then it’s just a simple matter of us scheduling follow-up visits for trapping and removing the remaining rats, which is easy once they can’t get outside for food and water.

It’s also important to trap and remove the rats correctly. Some customers will set a few traps before calling us and end up having the traps go off but not trap the rat. This can cause rats and mice to become trap shy and now the rats will become  much more difficult to catch. We advise not attempting to set traps yourselves. Poison in a attic or under a house is a horrible idea, as it leaves rat carcasses in the attic and walls, decomposing and giving off a terrible odor. Yes it is true that it thins their blood and makes them thirsty but it does not mean that they will leave the structure in search of water. Almost all of the calls that we get about rats or mice dead in a wall or crawl space and is now stinking up the place comes from homeowners placing poison inside the structure.

As rodents pass through areas and enter structures  they leave behind hormones. Even after the entry points are sealed these hormones are still active. These hormones attract new  foraging rodents back to the same entry point sights of the original rodents. If nothing is done to control these foraging  exterior rodents,then it is only a matter of time before new entry points are created. So it is important that we take our final necessary measure to keep your structure protected. So -Cal Pest Control offers a service were we will install and maintain exterior bait stations for rodent control and prevention. A barrier of bait stations are placed around the structure to intercept rodent pathways.These bait stations are tamper proof. Rodents will feed on the rodenticide that is secured in a lock and key system keeping it safe for children and pets.This service keeps rodent populations under control and prevents rodent  infestations.

What are gopher tunnel networks like?

Gopher Holes in a Lawn

Gopher tunnel networks can be up to 9 feet in depth.  If their tunnels are neglected for long periods the under ground will look like Swiss cheese.  Often surrounding yards have gophers which affect adjacent properties and usually the tunnels between the two areas connect.   Since the tunnels are so deep they cannot be destroyed, therefore there is always a route for gophers to follow.

Gophers do not hibernate so they are active all year long.  They also have the ability to be  active at all hours of the day. Gophers usually live alone within their burrow system, except for females with young or when they are breeding.Breeding season usally starts late winter to early spring. Gophers will breed 1 to 2 times a year with 3 to 7 pups per litter. Gophers live up to 3 years and they can start breeding at 1 yearof age.